Nikon Inc has made Nikon D3100 User Manual available for download in their website. There are 3 version that can be download . Document’s size is about 15-16MB ( 224 pages ) , available in PDF format ( you’ll need Acrobat Reader software to read or print it)

  • English version – Printable
    You need to enter your Nikon D3100 serial number and registered a license
  • English version – Non Printable
    If you try to print the document , you’ll get a password protected box. Download directly here
  • Spanish version – Non Printable
    Download directly here

Inside the document


It’s pretty basic stuff : how to take photos , view the results , camera’s button layout , maintenance and troubleshooting steps if you have problems.  To really maximize your Nikon D3100 , i recommend buying another book that covers Nikon D3100 in depth. I have Thom Hogan‘s ebook for Nikon D50 guide and i must say that the ebook is well written , in depth discussion about how to optimize Nikon D50 settings and controls. Right now , Thom doesnt have the Nikon D3100 ebooks yet . Maybe in a month or two.. probably :) His latest ebooks is Nikon D5000 Guide .

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