You might be surprised by what can be done using a DSLR camera to produce amazing photographs. Your Nikon D3100 is a great tool with lots of control and features. Learn these tricks will not only improve your photo skills but also maximized your camera’s potential.

Here’s some photography tricks you should know and learn:

Long exposure technique

One of the coolest technique in photography to capture light and movement. Long exposure photo is when the camera’s image sensor was exposed to light for a longer period of time than usual. When you leave the shutter open long enough you get some very interesting results. Nikon D3100 has BULB mode that can be used for this technique.


You also can use this technique in daylight when combined with special ND filter

Light painting

With a long exposure, a simple light source and a pinch of creativity you can create stunning light painting shots with ease. It’s fun and very cheap to try out.


High Dynamic Range ( HDR )

HDR is a technique where you take multiple shots at multiple exposure levels and combine them to get a perfectly exposed picture with best possible details. To create HDR photos usually we’ll need exposure bracketing. D3100 doesn’t have one but there are tricks : manual exposure and create HDR from RAW photo.

Infrafred photography

Infrared photography looks like nothing else. DSLR sensor is sensitive to infrared lighting, which allows the camera to pick up any light that’s invisible to the human eye. At minimum, you’ll need special infrared filter to achieve this effect.


Bokeh tricks

Bokeh is the quality of out-of-focus areas of an image. It’s popular technique that widely used by many photographer to create photos that visually appealing and able to force viewer to focus attention on a particular area of the image.


Photoshop tricks

When photography combined with Photoshop manipulation power, you can create almost unlimited awesome photos. I’m not very good at Photoshop jobs :) but looking at these amazing photos makes me want to learn one or two tricks

HowTo & Tutorials

I’m sure there are plenty tutorials on the internet on how to create those tricks but i found this nice e-book by Evan Sharboneau that has step-by-step tutorials to create awesome photography tricks above.  This e-book has 190 pages and contains over 300 creative photographs in three modules :

  1. Long exposure effects and light painting
  2. Trick photography and special effects
  3. Photoshop projects

To see some sample pages and table of content , go to ( psst.. there’s bonus too )